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In the Shadow of a Criminal Record: Proposing a Just Model of Criminal Record Employment Checks

  title={In the Shadow of a Criminal Record: Proposing a Just Model of Criminal Record Employment Checks},
  author={Bronwyn Naylor and Moira Paterson and Marilyn J. Pittard},
  journal={Melbourne University Law Review},
Requests for criminal record checks have increased significantly in recent years as employers focus on risk avoidance in seeking employees with no criminal record. This trend has coincided with local incidents, global fears and hardening ‘law and order’ agendas. However, there has been no comparable attention given to the implications for the rehabilitation of former offenders, and for discrimination and privacy issues. Employment is fundamental to rehabilitation and reintegration; failure to… 
Criminal record checking and employment: The importance of policy and proximity
Employment is essential to the rehabilitation of offenders, yet employers routinely check criminal records and rely on them to deny offenders employment. To manage these practices many jurisdictions
Regulating Privacy: Vocabularies of Motive in Legislating Right of Access to Criminal Records in Sweden
  • C. Backman
  • Law
    Computers, Privacy and Data Protection
  • 2011
This chapter analyses the vocabularies of motive legislators have resorted to at different stages of this evolution, first when arguing for restrictions on individuals’ right to access information on their criminal record, and later when attempting to justify full access.
United Kingdom Criminal Records Scheme: a case of discrimination without justification?
  • Iris Rosario
  • Law
    IUSLabor. Revista d'anàlisi de Dret del Treball
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This paper critically examines criminal records policies in the United Kingdom and explains how they constitute an undue burden on the convicted in their path to social reintegration. It shows the
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Resettlement of former offenders and their ongoing desistance from further offending should be a priority for any community, but in many countries criminal records are increasingly accessed in
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This study explored community readiness to support ex-prisoner reintegration; a sentencing objective requiring active community participation. Findings indicate the community support reintegration.