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In the Nature of Cities: Urban Political Ecology and the Politics of Urban Metabolism

  title={In the Nature of Cities: Urban Political Ecology and the Politics of Urban Metabolism},
  author={Nik Heynen and Maria Kaika and Erik Swyngedouw and Gary Bridge and Sophie Watson},
Forward David Harvey Part 1 The Production of Urban Natures and Urban Political Ecology 1. Introduction Erik Swyngedouw, Nik Heynen and Maria Kaika 2. Sylvan City: The social production of urban nature Eliza Darling and Neil Smith 3. Urbanizing Political Ecology: A perspective from Toronto Roger Keil and Julie-Anne Bourdreau Part 2: Urban Metabolisms 4. Circulations and Metabolism: Hybrid natures and cyborg cities Erik Swyngedouw 5. The Desire to Metabolize Nature Stuart Oliver 6. Cyborg… 
In the Nature of the Non‐City: Expanded Infrastructural Networks and the Political Ecology of Planetary Urbanisation
This paper proposes extending Urban Political Ecology's (UPE) ideas about the urbanisation of nature in order to include the geographical imprints of expanding, global metabolic flows of matter,
Urban Political Ecology in the Anthropo-obscene: Interruptions and Possibilities
Thirteen years since the publication of In the Nature of Cities: Urban Political Ecology and the Politics of Urban Metabolism (Heynen, Kaika, and Swyngedouw 2006) set the agenda for urban political
Uneven urban metabolisms: toward an integrative (ex)urban political ecology of sustainability in and around the city
ABSTRACT Expanding cities present a sustainability challenge, as the uneven proliferation of hybrid landscape types becomes a major feature of 21st century urbanization. To fully address this
The spatialized political ecology of the city: Situated peripheries and the capitalocenic limits of urban affairs
ABSTRACT This paper aims to make a modest contribution to the debate on how the ecologies of urbanization help us understand the socio-spatial changes we confront in the climate emergency. The
Re-Naturing the City: Linking Urban Political Ecology and Cultural Ecosystem Services
In the last few decades European industrial cities have experienced major transformations which have implied the need to rethink the role of nature. Re-naturing the city, reconnecting urban planning
From the city lens toward urbanisation as a way of seeing: Country/city binaries on an urbanising planet
In recent years, three superficially distinct urban subfields have made parallel efforts to incorporate the city’s traditional ‘outsides’ into urban research. Urban political ecology, American urban
Toward Comparative Urban Environmentalism: Situating Urban Natures in an Emerging “World of Cities”
There is a global discourse forming around urban ecology that risks simplifying how cities and nature are understood together. Its models range from techdriven “smart cities” to ecologydriven
Theorizing Public Participation and Local Governance in Urban Resilience: Reflections on the “Provincializing Urban Political Ecology” Thesis
Urban political ecology (UPE) infuses Marxism with poststructuralism and constructivism to explore the dialectic relationship between nature and society in urban environments as well as the economic
“Living systems infrastructure” of Kolkata: exploring co-production of urban nature using historical urban political ecology (HUPE)
Capital investment-laden green blue infrastructures (GBI) are being globally celebrated as harbingers of urban resilience to address environmental risks. These technocratic designs exclude historical
Urban parks and urban problems: An historical perspective on green space development as a cultural fix
Why does everyone think cities can save the planet? Contemporary planning interventions promise salvation via spatial fixes that might reduce carbon emissions, boost metropolitan economies, and allow


Green Urban Political Ecologies: Toward a Better Understanding of Inner-City Environmental Change
This research uses a Marxist urban political ecology framework to link processes of urban environmental metabolization explicitly to the consumption fund of the built environment. Instead of
Remaking Urban Environments: The Political Ecology of Air Pollution in Delhi
In the growing field of urban political ecology, so far not much attention has been paid to air-quality and related policies. In this paper I examine the recent far-reaching air-pollution policies in
The No. 1 Ladies' Poultry Farm: A feminist political ecology of urban agriculture in Botswana
The research draws on a feminist political ecology perspective to demonstrate that agrarian restructuring and rural–urban transformation in Botswana offers women opportunities to renegotiate their
Progress Report—Urban Political Ecology
In my last report (Keil, 2003), I highlighted some of the main debates and lines of thought in work on urban political ecology (UPE). In the current review, I will build on this matrix and showcase
The urban political ecology of plastic bag waste problem in Nairobi, Kenya
Justice, Nature and the Geography of Difference
This book engages with the politics of social and environmental justice, and seeks new ways to think about the future of urbanization in the twenty-first century. It establishes foundational concepts
Uneven Development: Nature, Capital, and the Production of Space
The ideology of nature the production of nature the production of space toward a theory of uneven development - the dialectic of geographical differentiation and equalization, spatial scale and the
Environmental issues: writing a more-than-human urban geography
Social Power and the Urbanization of Water: Flows of Power
City of Flows: Modernity, Nature, and the City
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