In the Field: A Sociologist’s Journey

  title={In the Field: A Sociologist’s Journey},
  author={Cory Blad},
  journal={Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews},
  pages={629 - 631}
  • C. Blad
  • Published 1 September 2012
  • Sociology
  • Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews
The Spectacular State explores the production of national identity in post-Soviet Uzbekistan. The main protagonists are the cultural elites involved in the elaboration of new state-sponsored mass-spectacle national holidays: Navro’z (Zoroastrian New Year) and Independence Day. The overall argument is that despite their aspirations to reinvigorate national identity, mass spectacle creators in Uzbekistan have reproduced much of the Soviet cultural production. National identity has been one of the… 
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Boys in white: a classic of qualitative research turns 50.
The analysis investigates the trajectories of the authors, the book, qualitative analysis, and the medical students, emphasizing their importance in the origins of medical sociology and the sociology of medical education.


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