In the Age of Cities: The Impact of Urbanisation on House Prices and Affordability

  title={In the Age of Cities: The Impact of Urbanisation on House Prices and Affordability},
  author={Lisette van Doorn and Amanprit Arnold and Eli Rapoport},
  journal={Hot Property},
Rapid urbanisation as well as demographic and technological changes are among the trends reshaping the cities in which we live, work and play. This paper explores how these trends, the growing diversity of household types and demands, and the development of residential real estate as a mainstream investment sector impact the housing market in major cities. These factors are contributing, in many cities, to rising house prices, affordable housing shortages and inflexible housing stock. These… 

Spatial and Statistical Analysis of Urban Poverty for Sustainable City Development

One of the main pillars of sustainable urban development at the local scale is to control the social aspect of urban equality of socio-economic systems. A number of studies confirm that poverty in

Factors determining housing prices: empirical evidence from a developing country’s Pakistan

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The context of urbanism is changing rapidly. The context for working in the field of urban design and planning is influenced by the pace of change; uncertainty; and massive transitions. The urban

Mobility Need-Adaptive Housing Platforms: The Benefit of a Commute Time Search Feature

A prototypically implemented online platform with and without a commute time search feature was evaluated and the treatment specification achieved significantly better results in terms of information quality and technology acceptance, implicating that such a design should be preferred for websites that facilitate the search for apartments.

Urbanization and Housing Prices in OECD Countries: 1870 to 2016

We examine relationship between urbanization and real house prices for a panel of OECD countries using a long historical data that covers the period 1870 to 2016. We use parametric and non-parametric

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This paper follows the recent literature on real estate price prediction and proposes to take advantage of machine learning techniques to better explain which variables are more important in



Density: Drivers, Dividends and Debates

The farmer review of the UK construction labour model

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