In situ reflection high energy electron diffraction surface pole figure study of biaxial texture evolution in anisotropic Mg nanoblades during shadowing growth

  title={In situ reflection high energy electron diffraction surface pole figure study of biaxial texture evolution in anisotropic Mg nanoblades during shadowing growth},
  author={Fu Tang and G.-C. Wang and Toh-Ming Lu},
  journal={Journal of Applied Physics},
The reflection high energy electron diffraction (RHEED) surface pole figure technique has been applied to an in situ study of the biaxial texture evolution in the anisotropic film of Mg nanoblades. These nanoblades were grown by thermal vapor under the shadowing effect using oblique angle deposition. To compensate for the effects of the anisotropic morphology of the Mg film on the RHEED surface pole figure, a method of intensity normalization has been employed. From the normalized pole figures… Expand
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