In situ measurements of viral particles diffusion inside mucoid biofilms.

  title={In situ measurements of viral particles diffusion inside mucoid biofilms.},
  author={Pascaline Lacroix-Gueu and Romain Briandet and Sandrine L{\'e}v{\^e}que-Fort and Marie-No{\"e}lle Bellon-Fontaine and Marie-Pierre Fontaine-Aupart},
  journal={Comptes rendus biologies},
  volume={328 12},
Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) under two-photon excitation was used successfully to characterize the diffusion properties of model virus particles (bacteriophages) in bacterial biofilm of Stenotrophonas maltophilia. The results are compared to those obtained with fluorescent latex beads used as a reference. The FCS data clearly demonstrated the possibility for viral particles to penetrate inside the exopolymeric matrix of mucoid biofilms, and hence to benefit from its protective… CONTINUE READING
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