In situ measurements of advective solute transport in permeable shelf sands

  title={In situ measurements of advective solute transport in permeable shelf sands},
  author={Clare E. Reimersa and Hilmar A. Stecher and Gary L. Taghonb and Charlotte M. Fullerb and Markus Huettelc and Antje Ruschc and Natacha Ryckelyncka and Christian Wildc},
Solute transport rates within the uppermost 2 cm of a rippled continental shelf sand deposit, with a mean grain size of 400–500 mm and permeabilities of 2.0–2.4 10 m, have been measured in situ by detecting the breakthrough of a pulse of iodide after its injection into the bottom water. These tracer experiments were conducted on the USA Middle Atlantic Bight shelf at a water depth of B13m using a small tethered tripod that carried a close-up video camera, acoustic current meter, motorized 1.5… CONTINUE READING
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