In situ hybridization with fluoresceinated DNA.

  title={In situ hybridization with fluoresceinated DNA.},
  author={Joop C. A. G. Wiegant and Thomas Ried and Petra M. Nederlof and M P Van der Ploeg and Hans Tanke and Anton K. Raap},
  journal={Nucleic acids research},
  volume={19 12},
We have used fluorescein-11-dUTP in a nick-translation format to produce fluoresceinated human nucleic acid probes. After in situ hybridization of fluoresceinated DNAs to human metaphase chromosomes, the detection sensitivity was found to be 50-100 kb. The feasibility and the increase in detection sensitivity of microscopic imaging of in situ hybridized, fluoresceinated DNA with an integrating solid state camera for rapid cosmid mapping is illustrated. Combination of fluoresceinated DNA with… CONTINUE READING


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