In search of lost time

  title={In search of lost time},
  author={Jo Marchant},
The ancient Antikythera Mechanism doesn't just challenge our assumptions about technology transfer over the ages — it gives us fresh insights into history itself.Planetary gearsThe Antikythera Mechanism is an intricate bronze construction discovered damaged and fragmented in the wreck of a cargo ship off the Greek island of Antikythera in 1900. Made towards the end of the second century BC, it contains 30 bronze gear wheels and many astronomical inscriptions. The mechanism is technically more… 
Evaluating Aurignacian Art in Iberia... if it Really Exists
Recent discoveries over the past years have confirmed the existence of figurative art from the very beginning of the Upper Paleolithic. Researchers have focused on the identification of this
King Alfred’s Candles and Anglo-Saxon Time-reckoning
Bishop Asser’s biography of King Alfred describes him as creating a candle “clock” to know the time on cloudy days and at night. This candle “clock” has often been seen as an early example of uniform
Thomson Times and Ten Canoes (de Heer and Djigirr, 2006)
Abstract Ten Canoes (de Heer and Djigirr, 2006) is a collaboration between Rolf de Heer and members of the Ramingining community in eastern Arnhem Land. The film ostensibly has two time frames: a
The stereoscope and the miniature
The world was drastically reduced in scale as it entered nineteenth- and early twentieth-century homes (1850–1920) through stereoscopes. The stereo image was always miniature. Its size was a topic of
Ha Safa Hahi — Maasiot Am ve Hasafa ha Havayatit shel Ha Nefesh [Fairy tales and the Language of the Human Psyche]. By Yoav Yigael and Ravit Raufman
The cover illustration of Fairy Tales and the Language of Human’s Psyche is taken from a painting by Bat Chen Schneier, and features the interplay of light and shadow in a wood. The sun—the external
Islands as biological substrates: classification of the biological assemblage components and the physical island types
  • J. Ali
  • Environmental Science
  • 2017
Separating the classifications of the island biotic assemblage components and the physical island varieties makes it possible to assign all islands and their biotas unambiguously, and provides an appreciably more nuanced scheme than Wallace's threefold system.
Anthropology of Smells: History and Modernity
Smell, as evidenced by modern science, is one of the most significant factors influencing human consciousness and behavior. This is due not only to the biological aspects of its origin and the
Declinations in the Almagest: accuracy, epoch, and observers
Almagest declinations attributed to Timocharis, Aristyllos, Hipparchus, and Ptolemy are investigated through comparisons of the reported declinations with the declinations computed from modern
Disorientation, Reorientation, A Compulsion to Explain
There is a theory which states that if ever anybody discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and
Proust Configures Time, Space, and Memory to Unveil Marcel’s Artistry in Swann’s Way
As a writer, Marcel Proust questioned approaches to time and memory in artistic composition by abandoning long-accepted conventions of time as chronological in favor of the theory of “duration.” With