In pursuit of data immortality.

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A preprocessing and functional connectivity analysis pipeline for mesoscale calcium imaging

A new pipeline is shared for the preprocessing of wide-field optical fluorescence imaging data as well as results from a functional connectivity and graph theory analysis of these data that is inspired by recent work in the human neuroimaging field.

Globally Accessible Distributed Data Sharing (GADDS): a decentralized FAIR platform to facilitate data sharing in the life sciences

The Globally Accessible Distributed Data Sharing (GADDS) platform is developed to facilitate FAIR-like data-sharing in cross-disciplinary research collaborations and offers decentralized trust via transparency of metadata, facilitating data exchange and collaboration.



From core referencing to data re-use: two French national initiatives to reinforce paleodata stewardship (National Cyber Core Repository and LTER France Retro-Observatory)

ROZA was developed under the umbrella of LTER-France (Long Term Ecological Research) in order to facilitate the re-use of data and samples and will favor to use of paleodata by non-paleodata scientists, in particular ecologists.

Public Data Archiving in Ecology and Evolution: How Well Are We Doing?

It is suggested that cultural shifts facilitating clearer benefits to authors are necessary to achieve high-quality PDA and key guidelines to help authors increase their data’s reuse potential and compliance with journal data policies are highlighted.