In praise of 'Wilkes, Wheeler, and Gill'

  title={In praise of 'Wilkes, Wheeler, and Gill'},
  author={Martin Campbell-Kelly},
  journal={Communications of the ACM},
  pages={25 - 27}
Reflections on the first textbook on programming. 
5 Citations
The Work of Writing Programs: Logic and Inscriptive Practice in the History of Computing
This article explores the entanglement of logic and computing by focusing on the activity of writing, showing how logic was a source of notational invention, emerging as a practical resource for the work of writing programs independently of its role as a plausible theoretical foundation for computer science.
Defiance to compliance: Visions of the computer in postwar Britain
In a climate of profound uncertainty over Britain’s postwar status, some industrialists and policymakers sought solace in a ‘defiant modernist’ aesthetic, proposing radical technological
Heedless programming: ignoring detectable error is a widespread hazard
This paper suggests that the authors need forthright words for the failure of not being robust—heedless and heedlessness—and of recursively creating software that itself does not support dependable software development.
The Next 700 Programming Language Manuals
This PhD research proposes to examine how programming language documentation has changed over time, and investigates techniques that are effective, and those that are not.