In memory of C. West Churchman (1913–2004) Reminiscences, retrospectives, and reflections

  title={In memory of C. West Churchman (1913–2004) Reminiscences, retrospectives, and reflections},
  author={Werner Ulrich},
  journal={Journal of Organisational Transformation \& Social Change},
  pages={199 - 219}
  • W. Ulrich
  • Published 1 July 2004
  • Philosophy
  • Journal of Organisational Transformation & Social Change
Abstract C. West Churchman, the grand old man of the ‘systems approach’, is dead. Born on 29 August 1913 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he was 90 years of age. After a rich and significant life of scholarship, he died on 21 March 2004 in Bolinas, California. A former student and collaborator of Professor Churchman offers this commemorative essay. He looks back on his years with West (as everybody called him) at the University of California, Berkeley, and reflects on the way this changed his… 
Obituary: C West Churchman, 1913–2004
A short biography of CW Churchman is offered; an introduction to some central themes of his thinking; and some reflections on what remains of his work and how to carry it forward today are offered.
C. West Churchman
Charles West Churchman was a philosopher of systems and management, who did more than anyone to bring ethical considerations into the field of systems thinking. He was a pioneer in several academic
C. West Churchman
C. WestChurchman made pioneering and important contributions to operations research (OR), management science (MS), and systems theory. Over the course of six decades, he investigated and contributed
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Real world problems always present the duality of object and subject and, as a consequence, their management exhibits a particular complexity where analytical tools must take into account purposeful
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Werner Ulrich


A Dialogue with C. West Churchman
In 1996, the author attended a seminar on ethics given by C. West Churchman at the University of California, Berkeley. During that year, the author also interviewed Churchman several times regarding
In Search of an Ethical Science: An Interview with C. West Churchman An 80th Birthday Celebration
In 1993, we celebrated C. W. Churchman's 80th birthday. On this occasion, we asked Dr. Churchman to tape an interview, the transcrip tion of which is printed below. In this article we will not review
C. West Churchman-75 years
If the systems movement is alive and thriving today, it is due in part to a few scholars who, at a time when general systems theory, managerial cybernetics, systems engineering, and RAND systems
A Bibliography of C.W. Churchman's Writings
A Bibliographic Note on this Bibliography This is an updated and considerably expanded version of a bibliography that was first published in 1999 as an appendix to the essay "An appreciation of C.
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West Churchman, his philosophy, and his ideas contributed to the formation of the Case Institute of Technology operations research group. He helped to (1) establish the first graduate program in OR,
A health planner meets C. West Churchman
A fine portrait of West Churchman is drawn, describing him as many of us who had the privilege of working with him—be it as colleagues or students—know him.
Churchman's “anatomy of system teleology” revisited
Churchman's concept of “inquiring systems” and its underlying “anatomy of system teleology” have been a source of inspiration for the development of Peter B. Checkland's Soft Systems Methodology. The
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