In memoriam: William A. Craig.


Ursula Theuretzbacher, Paul G. Ambrose, Alasdair P. MacGowan, David R. Andes, Fritz Sörgel, Hartmut Derendorf, Johan W. Mouton, George L. Drusano, Paul M. Tulkens, Michael N. Dudley, Otto Cars, Roger L. Nation Center for Anti-Infective Agents, Vienna, Austria; Institute for Clinical Pharmacodynamics, Latham, New York, USA; Bristol Centre for Antimicrobial… (More)
DOI: 10.1128/AAC.00849-15


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@article{Theuretzbacher2015InMW, title={In memoriam: William A. Craig.}, author={Ursula Theuretzbacher and Paul G. Ambrose and Alasdair P Macgowan and David R. Andes and Fritz Soergel and Hartmut Derendorf and Johan W Mouton and George L. Drusano and Paul M Tulkens and Michael N. Dudley and Otto Cars and Roger L. Nation}, journal={Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy}, year={2015}, volume={59 6}, pages={2971} }