In memoriam: Jock Young

  title={In memoriam: Jock Young},
  author={In Memoriam and Jock S. Young and William Stewart and Ren{\'e} van Swaaningen},
  journal={Punishment \& Society},
  pages={353 - 359}
William Stewart ‘Jock’ Young passed away on 16 November 2013 in New York City. He was the colleague and very good friend of many in the original group that set up Punishment and Society and a great source of inspiration to the younger ones. We thought a very good way to commemorate his memory and his innumerable contributions would be to hear once more from his own voice. We were fortunate enough to have the help in this of René van Swaaningen who, a few years ago, interviewed him – an… 
After the Panic: An Investigation of the Relationship Between the Reporting and Remembering of Child Related Crime
This thesis considers why some crimes persist beyond the moment of newsworthiness and how they are able to transcend this period of intense reporting to become a feature of popular memory. The
Description at the Edge? I-It / I-Thou Relations and Action in Prisons Research
I argue in this article that, far from being ‘policy advisors’, our main moral purpose in research is ‘getting the description right’. Doing this takes time, effort and energy. Good description


Cultural Criminology: An Invitation
This title is the winner of the ASC Distinguished Book Award for International Research! 'Beautifully written and superbly conceived, with illustrations and examples that combine theory and practice
Sociology begins by disenchanting the world, and it proceeds by disenchanting itself. Having insisted upon the non-rationality of those whom it studies, sociology comes, at length, to confess its own
The new criminology: for a social theory of deviance,
Introduction to the 40th Anniversary Edition by Jock Young, Forward by Alvin W. Gouldner, 1, Classical criminology and the positivist revolution, 2. The appeal of positivism, 3. Durkheim and the
The Sociology of Deviance: An Obituary
Part 1 A new deal for degenerates? the sociology of social deviation 1895-1940: Durkheim, modernity and doubt the birth - immigration and the urban jungle social realism and the Godfather -
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This article traces the impact of economic and cultural globalization pointing to the consequent rise of widespread resentment and tension both within the First World and internationally.
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Introduction: The Legacy of C. Wright Mills 1. Closing Down the Imagination 2. Measurement and the Sexologists 3. Amnesia and the Art of Skating on Thin Ice 4. The Bogus of Positivism 5. The
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Crossing the Borderline The Disembededness of Everyday Life The Genesis of Othering The Attractions of Hiatus The Vertigo of Late Modernity Turbo-Charged Capitalism Blurring the Binary Vision
Power Elite
  • C. Mills
  • Computer Science
    Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining
  • 2014
The power elite, according to Mills, is composed of men who occupy positions of authority in major institutions and organizations in the economic, political, and military arenas that are wealthy, have prestigious jobs, and wield extraordinary decision making powers.
Social Structure and Anomie
Translation: Merton, Robert. 1968. "Social Structure and Anomie", in Merton, Robert. Social Theory and Social Structure. New York: Free Press: 185-214.