In-gel digestion of proteins for MALDI-MS fingerprint mapping.

  title={In-gel digestion of proteins for MALDI-MS fingerprint mapping.},
  author={Connie R. Jimenez and Lan Huang and Yungping Qiu and Alma L. Burlingame},
  journal={Current protocols in protein science},
  volume={Chapter 16},
  pages={Unit 16.4}
Mass spectrometry (MS) has emerged as a sensitive, versatile, and rapid method for protein identification, following the advent of electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry (MALDI-MS). The advantages of MALDI-MS over ESI-MS include its relatively high tolerance to contamination from biological matrices, its high sensitivity, the relative ease of interpreting spectra from mixtures, and the formation of singly protonated… CONTINUE READING