In birds , NHE 2 is major brush-border Na 1 / H 1 exchanger in colon and is increased by a low-NaCl diet


M. DONOWITZ,1 C. DE LA HORRA,2 M. L. CALONGE,2 I. S. WOOD,2 J. DYER,2 S. M. GRIBBLE,2 F. SANCHEZ DE MEDINA,1 C. M. TSE,1 S. P. SHIRAZI-BEECHEY,3 AND A. A. ILUNDAIN2 1Departments of Medicine and Physiology, GI Division, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland 21205-2195; 2Departments of Animal Physiology and Biology, School of… (More)


13 Figures and Tables

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