In Vivo Evidence for a Lactate Gradient from Astrocytes to Neurons.

  title={In Vivo Evidence for a Lactate Gradient from Astrocytes to Neurons.},
  author={Philipp M{\"a}chler and Matthias T. Wyss and Maha Elsayed and Jillian L. Stobart and R. Fern{\'a}ndez Guti{\'e}rrez and Alexandra von Faber-Castell and Vincens Kaelin and Marc Zuend and Alejandro San Mart{\'i}n and Ignacio Romero-G{\'o}mez and Felipe Baeza-Lehnert and Sylvain Lengacher and Bernard L Schneider and P. Aebischer and Pierre J. Magistretti and L Felipe Barros and B. Weber},
  journal={Cell metabolism},
  volume={23 1},
Investigating lactate dynamics in brain tissue is challenging, partly because in vivo data at cellular resolution are not available. We monitored lactate in cortical astrocytes and neurons of mice using the genetically encoded FRET sensor Laconic in combination with two-photon microscopy. An intravenous lactate injection rapidly increased the Laconic signal in both astrocytes and neurons, demonstrating high lactate permeability across tissue. The signal increase was significantly smaller in… CONTINUE READING

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