In Vitro Screening for Compounds That Enhance Human L1 Mobilization

  title={In Vitro Screening for Compounds That Enhance Human L1 Mobilization},
  author={Natsuko Terasaki and John L. Goodier and Ling E. Cheung and Yue Wang and Masaki Kajikawa and Haig H. Kazazian and Norihiro Okada},
  booktitle={PloS one},
The Long interspersed element 1 (LINE1 or L1) retrotransposon constitutes 17% of the human genome. There are currently 80-100 human L1 elements that are thought to be active in any diploid human genome. These elements can mobilize into new locations of the genome, resulting in changes in genomic information. Active L1s are thus considered to be a type of endogenous mutagen, and L1 insertions can cause disease. Certain stresses, such as gamma radiation, oxidative stress, and treatment with some… CONTINUE READING
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