In Vitro Deflation of Prefilled Saline Breast Implants

  title={In Vitro Deflation of Prefilled Saline Breast Implants},
  author={W Grant Stevens and Elliot M. Hirsch and David A. Stoker and Robert Cohen},
  journal={Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery},
Background: The purpose of this study was to determine whether or not prefilled breast implants retain their volume in packaging. Methods: This study examined 32 Poly Implant Prosthesis prefilled textured saline breast implants. All of these implants were within the manufacturer’s expiration date at the time of weighing. No holes were visible on any of the implants. All were weighed on an electronic scale. The measured weight was compared with the expected weight (based on the implant size as… 
A Comparison of 500 Prefilled Textured Saline Breast Implants versus 500 Standard Textured Saline Breast Implants: Is There a Difference in Deflation Rates?
There was a statistically significant difference between the overall deflation rates of Poly Implant Prosthesis prefilled textured saline breast implants and Mentor Siltex breast implants at year 2, year 3, and year 4.
Patient Retention and Replacement Trends After Saline Breast Implants: Are Deflations Inflationary?
At the time of explantation, replacement with silicone after saline deflation is common (59% of patients), and patients who chose replacement with saline had a significant tendency to replace with silicone as a tertiary procedure.
MemoryShape: Impact of Clinical Trials, Global Medical Economics, and the Future
To continue to maintain leadership in the field of breast surgery, US surgeons should evaluate this new modality and either join the global trend or present data to contradict it.
Seroma Rates Are Not Increased When Combining Liposuction With Progressive Tension Suture Abdominoplasty: A Retrospective Cohort Study of 619 Patients
Liposuction was performed in 80% of the patients, and patients with lipoabdominoplasty were not at a higher risk of seroma, in the drain group or the PTS group, and there was no increase in seroma with the addition of liposuction to PTS drainless abdominal surgery.
Female Organs and Their Artificial Replacements
The female body has some special organs, such as breasts, that constitute their femininity, beauty, and personality that will be limited to the female breast and vagina.


Influence of Underfilling on Breast Implant Deflation
The data suggest that underfilling is a major cause of deflation in saline breast implants and that smooth implants had a longer average follow‐up period and tended to have lower fill volumes.
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