In Situ X-Ray Radiography and Tomography Observations of the Solidification of Alumina Particles Suspensions. Part II: Steady State

  title={In Situ X-Ray Radiography and Tomography Observations of the Solidification of Alumina Particles Suspensions. Part II: Steady State},
  author={Sylvain Deville and Eric Maire and Audrey Lasalle and Agn{\`e}s Bogner and Catherine Gauthier and J'erome Leloup and Christian Gilbert Guizard},
This paper investigates the behaviour of colloidal suspensions of alumina particles during directional solidification, by in situ high-resolution observations using X-ray radiography and tomography. This second part is focussed on the evolution of ice crystals during steady state growth (in terms of interface velocity) and on the particles redistribution taking place in this regime. In particular, it is shown that diffusion cannot determine the concentration profile and the particles… Expand
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