In Search of the Godly Magistrate in Reformation Scotland

  title={In Search of the Godly Magistrate in Reformation Scotland},
  author={Keith M. Brown},
  journal={The Journal of Ecclesiastical History},
  pages={553 - 581}
  • Keith M. Brown
  • Published 1 October 1989
  • History
  • The Journal of Ecclesiastical History
The godly magistrate was an essential figure in the progress of the Protestant Reformation throughout Europe, and Scotland with its very powerful nobility was no exception. Prophetic preachers, discontented lairds, cosmopolitan merchants, and English troops all contributed to Protestant success in 1560, but there can be little doubt that it was the Lords of the Congregation themselves, the nobility, who made the Reformation happen. Furthermore, only by harnessing lordship to Protestantism could… 
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