In Quest of Susu

  title={In Quest of Susu},
  author={Stephan B{\"u}hnen},
  journal={History in Africa},
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The political history of the medieval Western Sudan was dominated by a succession of empires exerting their domination over the region: Ghana, Mali, and finally Songhay. Oral tradition is our only evidence for the existence of yet another empire. It was called Susu and exerted its supremacy after the decline of Ghana and before the rise of Mali. Most historical treatises locate enigmatic Susu in the Kaniaga region northwest of Segou. These treatises are mainly based on oral traditions and… 



A Reconsideration of Wangara/Palolus, Island of Gold

There is a general consensus among West African historians that the Island of Gold, known to Arab geographers as Wangara and to European cartographers as Palolus, refers to the Bambuk/Bure

Oral Sources on Links Between Great States: Sumanguru, Servile Lineage, the Jariso, and Kaniaga

Qui est capable, hors Dieu, de scruter le passé? Some scholars interested in ancient Ghana and Mali dare to sift relevant oral traditions of the Western Sudan in search of historical evidence, while

The Makings of a Tribe: Bondei Identities and Histories

  • J. Willis
  • Sociology
    The Journal of African History
  • 1992
Since the mid-nineteenth century, there have been several changes in the paradigms of ethnic identity in the area around the modern town of Muheza in north-eastern Tanzania. Such differing tribal

The Development of Caste Systems in West Africa

  • T. Tamari
  • History
    The Journal of African History
  • 1991
Endogamous artisan and musician groups are characteristic of over fifteen West African peoples, including the Manding, Soninke, Wolof, Serer, Fulani, Tukulor, Songhay, Dogon, Senufo, Minianka, Moors,

The Structure and Significance of Kuranko Clanship

Opening Paragraph Recently renewed interest in the history and social structures of the Mande-speaking peoples of the West Sudan has brought to attention a problem of both ethnographical and

Kafo et pouvoir lignager chez les Banmana. L'hégémonie gonkòròbi dans le Cendugu.

M. Samake — Kafo and the Power of Limages among the Banmana: Gonkbrabi's Hegemony in Cendugu. ; In a kafo, each dominant group in this sort of chieftaincy creates the material, ideological and legal

A Commentary on Duarte Pacheco Pereira's Account of the Lower Guinea Coastlands in his Esmeraldo De Situ Orbis, and on Some Other Early Accounts

  • J. Fage
  • History
    History in Africa
  • 1980
The earliest European accounts of the Lower Guinea coastlands are fewer and less informative than those available for the coastlands of Upper Guinea. This is not surprising. The exploration of the

Princes désarmés, corps dangereux. Les « rois-femmes » de la région de Segu.

J. Bazin — Disarmed Princes, Dangerous Bodies: "Women-Kings" in the Segu Area. ; In the area of Segu, Mali, there used to exist, till rather recently, officiais who, bearing the name "Tarawure" and

Ethnic Origins of Peruvian Slaves (1584-1650). Figures From Upper Guinea

Cette etude sur l'origine des esclaves africains en Amerique (de 1548 a 1650), qui reprend les chiffres des deux anciennes analyses de Bourser et Lockart, s'interesse surtout aux esclaves du Perou

Kup, Sierra Leone: A Concise History (Newton Abbot, 1975), 24; and an oral tradition of Solima in Fyle

  • Oral Traditions,
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