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In Pursuit of Spreadsheet Excellence

  title={In Pursuit of Spreadsheet Excellence},
  author={G. J. Croll},
The first fully-documented study into the quantitative impact of errors in operational spreadsheets identified an interesting anomaly. One of the five participating organisations involved in the study contributed a set of five spreadsheets of such quality that they set the organisation apart in a statistical sense. This virtuoso performance gave rise to a simple sampling test - The Clean Sheet Test - which can be used to objectively evaluate if an organisation is in control of the spreadsheets… 

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Information and Data Quality in Spreadsheets

An overview of Information Quality (IQ) and Data Quality (DQ) with specific reference to how data is sourced, structured, and presented in spreadsheets is provided.

Spreadsheets and the Financial Collapse

There is a link between the use of spreadsheets and the recent collapse of the global financial system, and governments and regulating authorities are provided with some simple recommendations to reduce the risks of continued overdependence on unreliable spreadsheets.

Checks and Controls in Spreadsheets

Some tips on building self-checking into a spreadsheet in order to provide more confidence to the reader that a spreadsheet is robust.

Spreadsheet modelling for solving combinatorial problems: The vendor selection problem

An efficient approach in solving combinatorial programming problems with the use of spreadsheets is examined, which concerns the development of a spreadsheet-based DSS for the Multi Item Procurement Problem with Fixed Vendor Cost.

Metrics-Based Spreadsheet Visualization: Support for Focused Maintenance

This paper proposes to use (complexity) measures as indicators for proper visualization, and proposes different visualization and representation methods that may ease spreadsheet comprehension but should not be applied with all kind of spreadsheet programs.

Spreadsheet Components For All

A "spreadsheet component repository" Web site, from which users can copy "components" into their own Excel or Google spreadsheets, where instead of subroutines, the library contains such components.

Excel-lence in Data Visualization?: The Use of Microsoft Excel for Data Visualization and the Analysis of Big Data

This chapter plots the historical development of spreadsheets in general, and Excel in particular, highlighting how new features have allowed for new forms of data analysis in the spreadsheet environment.

Maintaining Liveness in a Spreadsheet with Logic Programming

This paper addresses the problem of maintaining liveness in L-sheets, a recently proposed extension to spreadsheets that is augmented with a form of visual logic programming in which term unification is replaced by array unification, providing both improved programmability and a means to specify the high-level structure of sheets.

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM): contributing Factors to IT Service disruptions - a Case of Malaysia Public Service Agencies

The empirical results reveal that human action, decision, management, error and failure are the major causes to the IT service disruptions followed by an improper process or procedures and technology failure.

A Survey on Software Fault Localization

A comprehensive overview of a broad spectrum of fault localization techniques, each of which aims to streamline the fault localization process and make it more effective by attacking the problem in a unique way is provided.



A typical model audit approach

Spreadsheet audit and review procedures are an essential part of almost all City of London financial transactions. Structured processes are used to discover errors in large financial spreadsheets

An auditing protocol for spreadsheet models

The Importance and Criticality of Spreadsheets in the City of London

The author suggests that the City of London is presently exposed to significant reputational risk through the continued uncontrolled use of critical spreadsheets in the financial markets and elsewhere.

Recommended Practices for Spreadsheet Testing

This paper presents the authors recommended practices for spreadsheet testing, and logic inspection appears to be feasible for spreadsheet developers to do and safe and effective for module testing.

Spreadsheet Errors: What We Know. What We Think We Can Do

To date, only one technique, cell-by-cell code inspection, has been demonstrated to be effective, and the degree to which other techniques can reduce spreadsheet errors needs to be determined.

Thinking is Bad: Implications of Human Error Research for Spreadsheet Research and Practice

Among the key conclusions from human error research are that thinking is bad, that spreadsheets are not the cause of spreadsheet errors, and that reducing errors is extremely difficult.

Risk, uncertainty and investment decision-making in the upstream oil and gas industry


Sarbanes-Oxley: What About all the Spreadsheets?

The riskiness of spreadsheets, which can now be quantified to a considerable degree, is discussed, and how to use control frameworks to reduce the dangers created by spreadsheets is discussed.

Spreadsheet Mistakes: News Stories

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