In Memorium of Dr. Bing Xia


turned his ward into his office in his latest hours. He was always available for his patients whenever they need him. He earned one national award and two Hubei provincial awards of sciences and technologies for the efforts in his beloved IBD research. He was also the awards receiver of the Distinguished Young Scholar and the Top Hundred Excellent Doctors of Hubei, as well as innumerable other awards. About 20 years ago, IBD was a rare disease and studied by very few medical researchers. I was fortunate to read the publications by Dr. Xia about IBD study in 2001. Since then our cooperation has never ended and the common interests in IBD made us like-minded collaborators and friends. As one of the pioneers of IBD polymorphism study in China, Dr. Xia was the first researcher who identified the correlation between CTLA4 and etiology of IBD in Chinese Han population. Dr. Xia is to be remembered for his research, and his unsurpassable perseverance when facing the challenge of his fate. His proposal for investigating the unknowns of IBD entered the final round of review of NNSFC last year even though his health condition got worsened. Sincerely we wished Dr. Xia could keep working on his passionate research and creating more hallmarks on the path of IBD research world widely. Distinguished scholar, outstanding doctor, a most congenial friend, and a warm human being, Dr. Xia is mourned by and will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Wish him peace and no more pain in Heaven.

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