In Memoriam

  title={In Memoriam},
  author={M. Ramose},
  journal={Griffith Law Review},
  pages={310 - 329}
  • M. Ramose
  • Published 2007
  • Sociology
  • Griffith Law Review
The rapacious violence of colonisation metaphorically demolished the geographic separation between the colonised peoples of the Earth. Through the imposition of a common epistemological paradigm, the colonised peoples shared not only the disseizin of their sovereign title to territory but also mental colonisation. Instead of curing these ills, decolonisation dressed them in a different garb and in that way dulled the urge for the recovery of lost sovereignty. This essay examines the… Expand
Colonial sovereignty, forms of life and liminal beings in South Africa
Book synopsis: Svirsky and Bignall assemble leading figures to explore the rich philosophical linkages and the political concerns shared by Agamben and postcolonial theory. Agamben's theories of theExpand
Conquest and constitutionalism: first thoughts on an alternative jurisprudence
Abstract This article examines the meaning and progress of post-1994 constitutional democracy in South Africa from the perspective of its (dis)continuity with the longue-durée history of colonialExpand
‘Begging to Be Black’
This article explores the distinction between anti-colonial longing and postcolonial becoming through a commentary on Antjie Krog’s Begging to Be Black. The epistemology and ontology of postcolonialExpand
Reclaiming our black bodies: reflections on a portrait of Sarah (Saartjie) Baartman and the destruction of black bodies by the state
The parading of the nude body of Sarah Baartman by the British colonisers led England and France to racially categorise her as a subhuman. Her Black body was viewed as something that can be violated,Expand
Archie Mafeje and the question of African philosophy: A liberatory discourse
Philosophy and the social sciences, at least in modern times, are largely a by-product of the West – Europe and the Americas. This is to say that the West has a monopoly over these disciplines. ThisExpand
Reflections on legacy, complicity, and legal education
I reflect on the relation between complicity and the legacy of South African jurisprudence and law, and tentatively consider continuances between the civil law tradition (Roman-Dutch common law) asExpand
The Crises in Legal Education
This article reflects on recent debates on legal education in South Africa. I argue that the value of legal education should not be indexed by how well it serves the needs and expectations of theExpand
Analysis of race and racism discourse by academics in post-apartheid Higher Education.
Decoloniality and justice a priori


The Spanish struggle for justice in the conquest of America
An account of Spain's effort in the 16th century to tackle the legal and moral questions raised by the meeting of Europeans and American native peoples. Hanke contends that Spain was not destructiveExpand
The American Indian in Western Legal Thought: The Discourses of Conquest
In The American Indian in Western Legal Thought Robert Williams, a legal scholar and Native American of the Lumbee tribe, traces the evolution of contemporary legal thought on the rights and statusExpand
African Gnosis: Philosophy and the Order of Knowledge
This article is extracted from a larger essay which grew as a consequence (or, more exactly, as an accident) of an invitation to establish a survey on African philosophy. Strictly speaking, theExpand
Pope Paul III and the American Indians
When Alexander VI promulgated the bull Inter caetera on May 4, 1493 granting Spain a large part of the new world, there seems to have been no doubt that the natives who dwelt in the ‘very remoteExpand
The burden of memory, the muse of forgiveness
When Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka's The Open Sore of a Continent appeared in 1996, it received rave reviews in the national media. Now comes Soyinka's powerful sequel to that fearless and passionateExpand
God and the New Physics
How did the universe begin and how will it end? What is matter? What is mind, and can it survive death? What are time and space, and how do they relate to ideas about God? Is the order of theExpand
The Philosophy of the Anglo-Boer War
  • Nexus Editorial Collective
  • 2005
The Philosophy of the Anglo-Boer War’ in Nexus Editorial
  • Ramose
  • 2005
Roots, Branches ... ‘Graftings and Fruits
  • 2003
Roots, Branches … 'Graftings and Fruits: The Reconfiliatory Challenge to African-Americans and Humanity at Large', unpublished paper presented at the Black Catholic Heritage Celebration
  • 2003