In Memoriam: Otto Bütschli (1848-1920) "Architect of Protozoology"

  title={In Memoriam: Otto B{\"u}tschli (1848-1920) "Architect of Protozoology"},
  author={Colin Dobell},
  pages={20 - 22}
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A brief history of ciliate studies (late XVII the first third of the XX century)
Summary The most prominent protistologists who worked with ciliates from the Leeuwenhoek time up to the beginning of the XX century are mentioned. Their achievements in ciliatology and especially in
Clifford Dobell (1886–1949) In Memoriam
His contributions to the history of his science, culminating in the famous monograph on Leeu-wenhoek, reveal him also as a man of wide culture and endowed with a sense of the past such as is rare in these days.