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Pat Truem an, executive director o f A m ericans U nited fo r Life, addressed the question o f the legal sta tu s o f eu thanasia a n d its im ­ p lica tions last n igh t in the Library A ud itorium , (p h o to by L inda Shanahan) CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (A P )-O n the eve of its m aiden voyage, the test shuttle Columbia was poised for flight yesterday on m oon launch pad 39A, an untried ship of the future ready to re turn Americans to space. The tw o astronauts w ho will stake their lives today on its success w ent to sleep at mid afternoon yesterday after a final telephone farewell to their families. Relaxed and ready to fly, they took a call from VicePresident George Bush and told him they are ready to go and that “skies arc clear.” At the same time, the countdow n w ent into its clim actic hours. “I think w e’re go,” said launch d irector G eorge Page. "I think w e’re going to make it.” Lift-off was set for 43 m inutes past dawn, at 6:50 a.m. EST today. Astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen, w ho say they are ” 140 per cent trained” for their 54hour flight, visited the ir revolution­ ary spacecraft at first light yesterday, w ere told it was in good shape, and w ent off for som e final landing practice in airplanes. The astronauts w ere in bed at 4 p.m. for a solid sleep before the 2:05 a.m. call sum m oning them to space. NASA officials said the astronauts are calm and have “had no difficulty sleeping w hatsoever.” After a 10 m inute medical ex ­ amination Friday, the astronauts will breakfast on sausage, eggs, orange juice, toast and coffee, receive a final w eather briefing, suit up and en ter the spacecraft at 4:30 a.m. T here was nothing in the w eather o r the readiness o f spaceship and astronauts to cause launch contro l any concern. “1 have a feeling we are going to go tom orrow , " said John Yardley, head o f the shuttle pro ject for the National A eronautics and Space Ad­ ministration. “The forecast is 100 percen t good.” “The w eather tom orrow should be excellent," said Capt. A1 Duff, the Air Force's w eatherm an. Brevard County sheriff’s officials w arned that m ore than a million people w ould jam the roadsides in the area. Some recreational vehicles had taken up prim e viewing posi­ tions tw o days earlier. It has been nearly six years since an astronaut w ith the American flag on his sleeve rocketed away from earth. America, w hich sent 12 men to the moon, simply left the black beyond to Russia. Forty-three cos­ m onauts w ent up while the U.S. developed the shuttle and sent ex ­ p lo rer satellites to Mars, Saturn and further. Two years behind schedule and billions over cost, the shuttle lifts the curtain on an age of useful space w hen mankind taps the unique properties o f weightlessness to create new m edicines and metals and, yes, new weapons. Yardley confirm ed Thursday that w ithout support from the Pentagon, the shuttle w ould still he in its han­ gar today.

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