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In Flight Simulation for Flight Control Law Evaluation of Fly-by-Wire Aircraft (I)

  title={In Flight Simulation for Flight Control Law Evaluation of Fly-by-Wire Aircraft (I)},
  author={Joon Soo Ko and Ho-Keun Lee},
The paper presented here covers the work associated with the flight control law validation with the ground based and in flight simulation techniques for the handling quality assessment of the pre-prototyping stage of Fly-by-Wire type Aircraft (FBWA). The FBWA is the generic form of the Korean advanced trainer with inherent features. The FBWA’s flight control system is consists of normal acceleration (Nz) and pitch rate (q) feedback for longitudinal axis and roll rate (p) with lateral… Expand
Variable Stability System Control law Development for In-Flight Simulation of Pitch/Roll/Yaw Rate and Normal Load
This paper describes the development of variable stability system (VSS) control laws for the KFA-i to simulate the dynamics of KFA-m aircraft. The KFA-i is a single engine, Class IV aircraft and wasExpand
A Variable Stability In-Flight Simulation System using Incremental Non-Linear Dynamic Inversion
The simulator experiment shows differences between the experienced handling qualities for a reference model and the designed controller combined with aircraft dynamics, and reveals how the available control authority around the initial condition is limited due to constraints of the fly-by-wire system. Expand
Variable Stability In-Flight Simulation System Based on Existing Autopilot Hardware
A variable stability in-flight simulator has the capabilities to change the response of an aircraft in-flight, often without changing the physical properties of the aircraft. The ability to adjust ...


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