In Defence of Catullus' Dirty Sparrow

  title={In Defence of Catullus' Dirty Sparrow},
  author={Richard Hooper},
  journal={Greece and Rome},
  pages={162 - 178}
  • R. Hooper
  • Published 1 October 1985
  • History
  • Greece and Rome
Poliziano's theory that the sparrow of Lesbia in Catullus 2 and 3 is none other than the phallus of the poet has not fared well in recent years. H. D. Jocelyn has mounted a spirited attack against it, taking most effective aim against the arguments of E. N. Genovese and G. Giangrande, whose articles, as he points out, ‘seem to have no nineteenth or twentieth-century predecessors’. This attack has been facilitated by the tendency of both Genovese and Giangrande to dilute their arguments with… 

Lesbia's Controversial Bird: Testing the Cases for and against Passer as Sparrow

Four key components of the passer poems, and the passer debates are examined to judge whether the passer was indeed a sparrow while also determining the place of sparrows in Roman thought and pet-keeping culture.

Petronius’ Talking Birds: Mimicry and Death in the Cena Trimalchionis

COLORFULVISUALDESCRIPTIONS are a striking feature of the Cena Trimalchionis in Petronius’ Satyrica. From the saffron juice that squirts from a pastry Priapus (60.6) to the juxtaposition of plums and

Catullus and Horace on Roman Women Poets

We treasure both Gaius Valerius Catullus and Quintus Horatius Flaccus for their literary gifts and for their lyrics on the power of love and the pleasures of sophisticated urban living. We also, and

Deinde centum: de Catulle à Horace dans le Basium 16 de Jean Second Deinde centum: From Catullus to Horace in Janus Secundus' Basium 16

As pointed out by Gregor Vogt-Spira, Catullus' influence, although an essential aspect in the overall development of Renaissance poetry in Latin, adopts a very radical and remarkable form in Janus

El ethos elegíaco de Tomás Rodaja en la "Novela del licenciado Vidriera"

This article begins by examining the military and colorful parrot-like outfit that Tomas Rodaja wears before he departs for Italy and connects it with the classical literary practice among Roman

Latin Erotic Elegy and the Shaping of Sixteenth-Century English Love Poetry

How did Latin erotic elegy influence and shape sixteenth-century English love poetry? Using an interdisciplinary approach, this book offers detailed readings of poetry with close attention to the

Heavy Petting in Catullus

The nature of the passer in Catullus 3 has been frequently discussed. This paper considers the generic relationship of the poem to Greek epitaphic epigrams and Roman elogia. In particular, it

Catullus' Passer as Passer

Poem 2 of the Liber Catullianus – the first of the passer poems – was probably the poet's most famous piece. The poem presents a charming and fascinating picture of a Roman matron who is said by the



Catullus : a commentary

This edition of eighty poems of Catullus is designed for both university and school use. An introduction deals with the life of Catullus, with his indebtedness to Alexandrian poetry, and with the

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Ancient Egyptian Language, Easy Lessons in Egyptian Hieroglyphics (1910

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