In Defence of Animal Homosexuality

  title={In Defence of Animal Homosexuality},
  author={Peter Adriaens},
  • P. Adriaens
  • Published 22 November 2019
  • Psychology, Biology
Is there such thing as animal homosexuality? I begin this paper with a brief discussion of two case studies of homosexual behaviour in nonhuman animals, notably cockchafers and king penguins, in order to reveal the persistent attempts of some animal scientists to explain away animal homosexuality. I then go on to identify and analyse two philosophical concerns underlying these attempts: the problem of other minds and the problem of anthropomorphism. Critics of animal homosexuality seem to… 
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Exaptation is suggested as a theoretical framework for interpreting homosexual behavior and it is concluded that future consideration of sexual selection among primates should address homosexual components of this process.

Sexual Orientation, Controversy, and Science

Ongoing political controversies around the world exemplify a long-standing and widespread preoccupation with the acceptability of homosexuality, and the most contentious scientific issues have concerned the causes of sexual orientation.

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A population sex-ratio bias in favor of males and high concentration of male sex hormones may help to explain non-reproductive homosexually displaying pairs and its biological significance.

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A successful MSR elephant study is reported and striking parallels in the progression of responses to mirrors among apes, dolphins, and elephants are reported to suggest convergent cognitive evolution most likely related to complex sociality and cooperation.

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Book Review: What Would Animals Say If We Asked the Right Questions?

conceptualizations of the idea of the nation. Arguably, when grappling with questions of membership and belonging in societies characterized by migration-related diversity, progressive understandings