In Darkness and Secrecy

  title={In Darkness and Secrecy},
  author={Neil L. Whitehead and Robin Michael Wright and Johannes Wilbert and Silvia M. Vidal},
  • Neil L. Whitehead, Robin Michael Wright, +1 author Silvia M. Vidal
  • Published 2004
  • Psychology
  • In Darkness and Secrecy brings together ethnographic examinations of Amazonian assault sorcery, witchcraft, and injurious magic, or “dark shamanism.” Anthropological reflections on South American shamanism have tended to emphasize shamans’ healing powers and positive influence. This collection challenges that assumption by showing that dark shamans are, in many Amazonian cultures, quite different from shamanic healers and prophets. Assault sorcery, in particular, involves violence resulting in… CONTINUE READING

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