In Brief to The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2021

  title={In Brief to The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2021},
  • Published 12 July 2021
Multisectoral intervention on food security in complex emergencies: a discourse on regional resilience praxis in Northeast Nigeria
Sustainable livelihood as an enabler of food security can be constrained by climate variability and violent conflicts, with dire consequences in regions with crude adaptation practices. The effects
Households' Food Insecurity and Its Association with Demographic and Socioeconomic Factors in Gaza Strip, Palestine: A Cross-Sectional Study
It is demonstrated that food insecurity is highly prevalent in the Gaza strip and is associated with poor living conditions and this high prevalence should be seriously discussed and urgently considered.
The Role of Indigenous Vegetables to Improve Food and Nutrition Security: Experiences From the Project HORTINLEA in Kenya (2014–2018)
Many warning signs indicate that the food security goals formulated in 2015 will not be achieved. This situation is particularly true for the African continent. After substantial progress up to 2015,
Food (in)security and (un)healthy diet on the (difficult) road to zero hunger: Celebrating the World Food Day
In this scenario, transformation of food systems will be pivotal to address these drivers of food insecurity, malnutrition, and unaffordability of healthy diets.
Como a Psicologia/Educação Positiva podem empoderar as escolas no contexto da pandemia?
  • C. Reppold
  • Revista de Estudios e Investigación en Psicología y Educación
  • 2021
Um dos contextos mais afetados pela pandemia da COVID-19 foi o escolar, requerendo de alunos, pais e professores o desenvolvimento de novas habilidades. O distanciamento social imposto em muitos