Impulse radio multiple access through ISI channels with multi-stage block-spreading

  title={Impulse radio multiple access through ISI channels with multi-stage block-spreading},
  author={Liuqing Yang and G. B. Giannakis},
  journal={2002 IEEE Conference on Ultra Wideband Systems and Technologies (IEEE Cat. No.02EX580)},
Impulse radio (IR) has received increasing interest for multiple access (MA). Operating in dense multipath environments. IRMA systems are affected by the multiple user interference (MUI) and intersymbol interference (ISI). Analog IRMA utilizes random time-hopping codes to mitigate such adverse effects statistically. In this paper, we develop an all-digital IRMA scheme that relies on multi-stage block-spreading (MS-BS) to eliminate MUI deterministically, regardless of ISI multipath effects… CONTINUE READING
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