Impulse breakdown between co-axial electrodes at low pressure

  title={Impulse breakdown between co-axial electrodes at low pressure},
  author={Perry Barber and J. S. T. Looms and Dean A Swift and Brian A. Tozer},
A capacitor bank of 9-20 μF, charged to 5-7 kV was suddenly connected to a short coaxial gap, having an electrode separation of 4 cm, filled with N2 at pressures between 4 and 4 × 10-2 torr. It was observed that in spite of gap and external electric circuit symmetry, the discharge with a peak current of 10,000 A to 60,000 A always developed initially in one or more radial columns and never in a continuous luminous ring, and that the development of each radial column occurred in three distinct… CONTINUE READING