Improvised Destruction: Arnold, LeMay, and the Firebombing of Japan

  title={Improvised Destruction: Arnold, LeMay, and the Firebombing of Japan},
  author={William W. Ralph},
  journal={War in History},
  pages={495 - 522}
  • W. Ralph
  • Published 1 November 2006
  • History
  • War in History
The area firebombing campaign waged against the cities of Japan in the waning months of the Second World War represented a stunning departure from early-war American bombing strategy. This policy evolved from the relationship between the USAAF commander, General Henry Arnold, and his subordinates in the field. Arnold had grown to trust a young field commander, Major General Curtis LeMay, so much that he sent him to bomb Japan with just one criterion -get results. Arnold needed these immediate… 

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This short paper is concerned with a map of central Japan that the later University of Chicago Professor of Geography, Chauncy Harris, drew in September 1944, when he was assigned as an US Army


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