Improvisation and the Mask at the École du Vieux-Colombier

  title={Improvisation and the Mask at the {\'E}cole du Vieux-Colombier},
  author={Thomas J. Donahue},
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Playing outside the frame: revealing the hidden contributions of the women in the French tradition of actor training
This article explores the seminal work of Suzanne Bing. It considers her close collaborations with three other women: Margaret Naumburg, Marie-Hélène Dasté and Jessmin Howarth. To reveal this network


Cahier gris : LEcole du Vieux - Colombier . Fonds Copeau , Bibliothèque nationale , Département des Arts du Spectacle , Bibliothèque de l ' Arsenal , Paris . Copeau , Jacques
  • Souvenirs du Vieux - Colombier
  • 1991