Improving the Inter-Corpora Compatibility for protein Annotations


Although there are several corpora with protein annotation, incompatibility between the annotations in different corpora remains a problem that hinders the progress of automatic recognition of protein names in biomedical literature. Here, we report on our efforts to find a solution to the incompatibility issue, and to improve the compatibility between two representative protein-annotated corpora: the GENIA corpus and the GENETAG corpus. In a comparative study, we improve our insight into the two corpora, and a series of experimental results show that most of the incompatibility can be removed.

DOI: 10.1142/S0219720010004999

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@article{Wang2010ImprovingTI, title={Improving the Inter-Corpora Compatibility for protein Annotations}, author={Yue Wang and Jin-Dong Kim and Rune S{\ae}tre and Sampo Pyysalo and Tomoko Ohta and Jun'ichi Tsujii}, journal={Journal of bioinformatics and computational biology}, year={2010}, volume={8 5}, pages={901-16} }