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Improving the Efficiency of Multiple EffectEvaporator to Treat Effluent from aPharmaceutical Industry

  title={Improving the Efficiency of Multiple EffectEvaporator to Treat Effluent from aPharmaceutical Industry},
  author={Sachinkumar Salakki and M A Lourdu Antony Raj and Jagadish H. Patil and Vikas Shetty},
  journal={International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology},
Disposal of effluent from pharmaceutical industry is an increasing problem in India and worldwide. The bulk drug manufacturing process involves usage of more organic and inorganic salts, which is becoming major part of high chemical oxygen demand and total dissolved solids. Evaporation and cooling are the common techniques used to extract available salts and reusable water. The pharmaceutical industry of the study uses multiple effect falling and forced circulation evaporator to achieve zero… 

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