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Improving teaching : the analysis of classroom verbal interaction

  title={Improving teaching : the analysis of classroom verbal interaction},
  author={Edmund J. Amidon and Elizabeth Hunter},
Impact of teaching through simulated condition to modify behaviour among science stream pupil teachers
The purpose of the study is to find out the effectiveness of teahing through simulated teaching to modify behaviour among pupil teachers belonging to science discipline. A sample of 100 pupil
Patterns of Class Talk Supportive to Prompt Reasoning among Students
The study was based on classroom interaction to identify patterns of class talk supportive to prompt reasoning ability of students. Two intact classes pertaining 25 students each of grade VII were
Conversation and learning in early childhood education: what works best for children’s cognitive development and how to improve pupil engagement?
  • Agnese Vezzani
  • Education
    European Early Childhood Education Research Journal
  • 2019
ABSTRACT Generally, all schools state that they are children-focused, but this aim is most visible in communication if children have autonomy and freedom of expression. The purpose of this article is
The Teaching and Classroom Problems Facing Student-Teachers of the College of Education at Kuwait University during Field Training
The study aimed to identify field problems encountered by student-teachers during instruction and classroom management. A randomized sample of 90 male and female participants, specialized in social
The study of talk between teachers and students, from the 1970s until the 2010s
The close study of classroom talk has been an active field of research since the 1970s, when John Furlong made his significant contribution. Focusing particularly on research into teacher–student
A study of attitude of secondary school teachers towards teaching profession in relation to certain demographic variables
Teaching is a profession which based upon certain disciplines, principles, existing body of knowledge and attitude. The present study examines the attitude of secondary school teachers towards
This essay is an enquiry into the different dispositions and make-up of teachers. This characterization and grouping of teachers is of essence because it will enable teacher educators to reflect on
Evaluating Communicative Approaches in Education
What is education about? It involves learning about how society functions, alongside developing potential to cope with and contribute positively to our community, in line with personal needs. We do