Improving sleep: outcomes from a worksite healthy sleep program.


OBJECTIVE Unhealthy and inadequate sleep is a common and significant problem impacting absenteeism, presenteeism, health, and productivity. This study aimed at analyzing the effect of a worksite-based healthy sleep program. METHODS Retrospective analysis of 53 adult members of a worksite wellness center who participated in an 8-week healthy sleep program and completed pre- and postintervention health behavior questionnaires. RESULTS Following the intervention participants felt significantly more rested, more confident in their ability to deal with sleep problems, and more knowledgeable about sleep. In addition, they reported a reduction in their stress level, improved quality of life, and increase energy level. CONCLUSIONS These results support the effectiveness of worksite programs designed to promote healthy sleep. Future randomized studies are needed to further investigate the effectiveness and optimal delivery of healthy sleep promotion.

DOI: 10.1097/JOM.0000000000000370

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@article{Steffen2015ImprovingSO, title={Improving sleep: outcomes from a worksite healthy sleep program.}, author={Mark W Steffen and Angela C Hazelton and Wendy R Moore and S M Jenkins and Matthew M. Clark and Philip T Hagen}, journal={Journal of occupational and environmental medicine}, year={2015}, volume={57 1}, pages={1-5} }