Improving outcome after stroke: overcoming the translational roadblock.

  title={Improving outcome after stroke: overcoming the translational roadblock.},
  author={Matthias Endres and Britta Engelhardt and Jari Koistinaho and Olle Lindvall and Stephen Meairs and Jay P. Mohr and Anna M Planas and Nancy Rothwell and Markus Schwaninger and Martin E. Schwab and Denis Vivien and Tadeusz Wieloch and Ulrich Dirnagl},
  journal={Cerebrovascular diseases},
  volume={25 3},
Stroke poses a massive burden of disease, yet we have few effective therapies. The paucity of therapeutic options stands contrary to intensive research efforts. The failure of these past investments demands a thorough re-examination of the pathophysiology of ischaemic brain injury. Several critical areas hold the key to overcoming the translational roadblock: (1) vascular occlusion: current recanalization strategies have limited effectiveness and may have serious side effects; (2) complexity of… CONTINUE READING