Improving neurologic outcome in off-pump surgery: the "no touch" technique.

  title={Improving neurologic outcome in off-pump surgery: the "no touch" technique.},
  author={Marzia Leacche and Michel Carrier and Denis Bouchard and Michel Pellerin and Louis P Perrault and Pierre Pag{\'a} and Yves H{\'e}bert and Raymond Cartier},
  journal={The heart surgery forum},
  volume={6 3},
BACKGROUND As patients referred for cardiac surgery include increasingly older individuals, the prevalence of comorbid factors, such as previous cerebrovascular disease, carotid disease, aortic atherosclerosis, and reoperations, is on the rise. Avoiding manipulation of the ascending aorta in this high-risk subgroup may become a necessity to perform safe coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed our database of 640 off-pump CABG patients and identified… CONTINUE READING
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