Improving foot self-care behaviors with Pies Sanos.

  title={Improving foot self-care behaviors with Pies Sanos.},
  author={Wanda J Borges and Sharon K. Ostwald},
  journal={Western journal of nursing research},
  volume={30 3},
  pages={325-41; discussion 342-9}
Participants who received Pies Sanos, a 15-min intervention designed to improve diabetes self-efficacy and foot self-care behaviors in adult patients with type 2 diabetes who lived in a predominantly Mexican American community, performed more-complete foot self-care 1 month later in their homes. Recruited when they presented for nonurgent care to the emergency department in two community hospitals near the U.S.-Mexico border, participants were randomized into one of three groups. At follow-up… CONTINUE READING


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