Improving colorectal cancer management: the potential of proteomics.

  title={Improving colorectal cancer management: the potential of proteomics.},
  author={Judith Ymn Derijks-Engwegen and Annemieke Cats and Marianne E. Smits and Jan H. M. Schellens and Jos H. Beijnen},
  journal={Biomarkers in medicine},
  volume={2 3},
Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer worldwide. Successful treatment is heavily dependent on tumor stage at the time of detection, but unfortunately CRC is often only detected in advanced stages. New biomarkers in the form of genes or proteins that can be used for diagnosis, prognostication, follow-up, and treatment selection and monitoring could be of great benefit for the management of CRC. Furthermore, proteins could prove valuable new targets for therapy. Therefore… CONTINUE READING