Improving VoIP call capacity over IEEE 802.11 networks


The expected VoIP call capacity in a one hop IEEE 802.11b network with G.711 voice codec is about 85 simultaneous calls, but the actual observed capacity is only 5 calls even at the highest data rate and under zero loss conditions. In this paper we analyze the reasons behind this inferior performance of VoIP traffic. We also present algorithms at the medium access control layer to improve the observed call capacity. Finally, using ns-2 based simulations, we evaluate the algorithms and show that performance improvements of up to 300% can be achieved.

DOI: 10.1109/BROADNETS.2007.4550498

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@article{Jeong2007ImprovingVC, title={Improving VoIP call capacity over IEEE 802.11 networks}, author={Yeonsik Jeong and Sandeep Kakumanu and Cheng-Lin Tsao and Raghupathy Sivakumar}, journal={2007 Fourth International Conference on Broadband Communications, Networks and Systems (BROADNETS '07)}, year={2007}, pages={670-679} }