Improving Tenderness of Forage-Finished Beef Using a Low-Voltage Electrical Stimulator

  title={Improving Tenderness of Forage-Finished Beef Using a Low-Voltage Electrical Stimulator},
  author={Yong Soo Kim and Michael W. DuPonte and Glen Kazumi Fukumoto},
What was done (summary) This study was designed to examine the effectiveness of low-voltage electrical stimulation (ES) in improving meat tenderness of forage-finished beef when used in a small-scale, low-volume slaughter plant. In experiment 1, the effect of ES on postmortem glycolysis was inves­ tigated by measuring metabolite concentrations in 10 cattle (5 ES and 5 control). ES accelerated postmortem glycolysis, as demonstrated by the faster depletion of ATP and glycogen and rapid decline of… CONTINUE READING


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