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Improving Sound Event Detection Metrics: Insights from DCASE 2020

  title={Improving Sound Event Detection Metrics: Insights from DCASE 2020},
  author={Giacomo Ferroni and Nicolas Turpault and Juan Azcarreta and Francesco Tuveri and R. Serizel and cCagdacs Bilen and Sacha Krstulovi'c},
The ranking of sound event detection (SED) systems may be biased by assumptions inherent to evaluation criteria and to the choice of an operating point. This paper compares conventional event-based and segment-based criteria against the Polyphonic Sound Detection Score (PSDS)'s intersection-based criterion, over a selection of systems from DCASE 2020 Challenge Task 4. It shows that, by relying on collars , the conventional event-based criterion introduces different strictness levels depending… Expand
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