Improving Medicaid pediatric care.


This article uses Medicaid claims data to examine the adequacy of well-child care provided by different ambulatory care providers for selected children enrolled in Maryland Medicaid. Considerable provider variation was observed. The majority of the nearly one-quarter of the children with no well-child visits during the year appeared to have had no regular primary care source. Results contributed to the development of a managed care program designed to increase care accessibility and continuity and improve provider practices. Advantages and disadvantages of using claims data to investigate this public health issue care discussed.

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@article{Stuart1995ImprovingMP, title={Improving Medicaid pediatric care.}, author={Marta E Stuart and Donald M. Steinwachs and Barbara H. Starfield and Shirley A Orr and Amelia R. Kerns}, journal={Journal of public health management and practice : JPHMP}, year={1995}, volume={1 2}, pages={31-8} }