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Improving Freight Movement in Delaware Central Business Districts

  title={Improving Freight Movement in Delaware Central Business Districts},
  author={Marcia Scott and Edward O'Donnell and Sebastian Anderka},
From the Last Mile to the Last 800 ft
Pickup and delivery operations are an essential part of urban goods movements. However, rapid urban growth, increasing demand, and higher customer expectations have amplified the challenges of urbanExpand
Last mile delivery in the retail sector in an urban context
Last mile delivery (LMD) is a critical yet ambiguous stage of every supply chain. Previous studies have indicated that LMD is one of the most expensive, inefficient and polluting stages of the supplyExpand
Local ratio based distributed bike-dock pair allocation in public bike system
A distributed bike-dock pair allocation (DBDA) algorithm that can save 29.44% of time for each trip in average and help 98.05% of users successfully use PBS service is proposed. Expand
Urban distribution centres: international models applicability to the inner city of Melbourne
Urban freight transport is an important aspect which focuses on the sustenance of life and economies of a given urban centre. It involves carriage of the waste which is generated in the cities asExpand
Assessment of the possibility of adoption and impact of blockchain, IoT and Drones technology in the different types of last-mile delivery.
evaluate the possible impacts that new upcoming technologies, might have on the most important operative characteristics of last-mile, and with this relationship define which types of business willExpand
Freight Transport Planners as Information Elements in the Last Mile Logistics
One of the biggest challenges today in the transport of goods on the world is the problem called “last mile logistics”. This is a problem concerning the final stage of transport of goods to theExpand
Understanding the Consumer Satisfaction of the "Last-Mile" Delivery of E-Business Services
According to the result analysis, some suggestions are raised up to meet customers’ needs to enhance the quality of service of the “last mile” delivery of e-business service. Expand
Assessing the Contribution of Urban Freight Terminals in Last Mile Operations
Abstract This paper introduces a multi-stakeholder multi-criteria evaluation framework, which can be used for the assessment of the last mile distribution performance of urban freight terminals. ToExpand
The Geographic Adaptive Potential of Freight Transportation and Production System in the Context of Fuel and Emission Constraints
Freight transportation is an integral element of various supply chains and has a complex and dynamical interrelationship with human economic activities. Modern logistical strategies paved way to theExpand
Formulating a Framework to Plan for Complete Communities in Delaware
In collaboration with Delaware Office of State Planning Coordination and funded by the Delaware Department of Transportation


Freight transportation planning for urban areas
Solutions applicable by local administrations for urban logistics
This paper aims to establish a compilation of the solutions or initiatives that can be implemented by local administrations in order to improve freight deliveries in urban environments. TheseExpand
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Learning from truckers: Truck drivers' views on the planning and design of urban and suburban centers
This study seeks a greater understanding of freight movement problems in urban areas through consultations with particularly knowledgeable sources truck drivers. Four focus groups of unionized truckExpand
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Chicago Downtown Freight Study
Much has been written regarding long-range freight trips, intermodal activities and international trips, but less about challenges to freight delivery in urban environments and the last mileExpand
Curbside Delivery of Freight by Trucks in Downtowns of Small- and Medium-Sized Urban Areas
Freight pickups and deliveries are both contributors to and victims of growing congestion in small- and medium-sized urban areas (SMUAs). Although ease of access and parking are important toExpand
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