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Improving Efficiency and Reduction in Drudgery of Farm Women in Weeding Activity by Twin Wheel Hoe

  title={Improving Efficiency and Reduction in Drudgery of Farm Women in Weeding Activity by Twin Wheel Hoe},
  author={Barkha Sharma and Savinder Kaur Karpal Singh and Shailendra K. Gupta and Mansi Shrivastava and Shilpi Verma},
  journal={Indian Research Journal of Extension Education},
Indian farm women do many difficult tasks and weeding of the crop is among them. It is a main drudgery prone activity which is mostly performed by farm women and to solve this problem Krishi Vigyan Kendra Ratlam, as per its mandate conducted front line demonstration on “Improved twin wheel hoe” in soybean weeding. The basic objective of these demonstrations was to reduce drudgery with muscular stress and fatigue. The work efficiency of the farm women was distinctly increased by skilled use of… Expand

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